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Important Information on Effective K-12 School Security

Metal Detectors in Schools

In the wake of a mass shooting at its high school, the Santa Fe Independent School District in Texas was faced with a need to upgrade a security plan that was already compliant and robust. Here is how they did it.

Santa Fe ISD officials, faculty, parents, and students share details of their work to upgrade their security plan. The result was a totally comprehensive, integrated plan for preventing weapons from entering their schools.
Metal Detector Integration

This second video in the Santa Fe ISD case study provides a detailed look into how the district implemented security checkpoints including metal detectors into its school safety programs.
Effective Security Communication

This third video in the Santa Fe ISD case study addresses how the district proactively communicated its new security plans. Sections of focus include: digital communication tools; parent/superintendent advisory groups; staff training; and crisis communication tips.
"While metal detection alone cannot safeguard our schools, only metal detection technology can provide the comfort of a true last line of defense which ensures weapons are not present in our nation's classrooms."

–Steve Novakovich, CEO, Garrett Metal Detectors

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